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Training For MrBeast's $100,000 Circle JoVlogs 2019

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We got some work to do hello everyone and welcome back to a brand new freezer full of kangaroo carcasses my name is Leon lush and I'm so thankful that you decided to spend a few minutes here with me today now as the intro alluded to I am up to my.

Eyeballs and some very intense training just an absolutely grueling regimen I'm going through right now because I'm trying to get myself prepared for this weekend I'm gonna be flying out to LA to be part of mr. beasts $100,000 search now for some reason this is your first time ever accessing the internet you're not sure who mr. beast is he's a big youtuber he's grown absolutely.

Exponentially the past 18 months just pumping out viral video after viral video I mean 10 20 30 million views a click just staggering number so a little over a month ago he uploaded a video to his channel called last to leave circle wins $10,000 challenge in that video he just gets four of his friends to get in a circle together and the rules are simple last one to leave wins $10,000.

This is the circle before your torture begins let's go over the rules this white line is the outside of the circle you can step one foot out but if both feet leave you're out you do not want the 10 grand to date the video is about 30 million views not bad not bad then about a week and a half ago we tweeted if I did a youtuber version of this for 100k would any big youtubers be.

Interested in competing tag your favorite creator now and immediately in my head I'm thinking well obviously I have to be there because I'm not a big youtuber I'm the biggest youtuber I mean I'm not talking about subscribe and give a shit about subscriber count' that's for the birds I'm talking about 280 pounds of unadulterated bearded thickness so a bunch of you guys tagged.

Me in that tweet absolute legends by the way so he reaches out he's like yo you want to be a part of this I'm like yeah hold up babe honey sweetheart I need someone to help take care of the kid cuz daddy's going to LA this weekend to bring home 100k love you she agrees to it and I booked my flight in my hotel now we haven't been given a whole lot of details of what's going down but it has.

Been made clear to us that it's gonna be a little different to the last circle video they did for the same of time right we can't just all be out in owl a camping out in a circle for three weeks because we're trying to win a hundred big ones now so they're doing something to make it a little more difficult so it's not gonna last longer than like a day or two all I know right.

Now is there's gonna be a lot of standing you're not allowed to sit I don't think he can sleep so you better believe I've been out in the circle just training my tits off right standing on my two feet actually just look at the form absolutely crushing it now I've also been informed that we're gonna be required to wear a weight vest and after every hour they're gonna add a pound of.

The vest you know so it weakens you up makes it tough have you seen this frame this is two hundred and eighty pounds of unrelenting tenacity I mean you could add a pound of weight on to my frame it's gonna be like putting a drop advising into a 50 gallon drum at NW 40 motor oil not to mention just look at this lineup look at this finalized line up right here find me a person that.

Weighs over 165 pounds Caspar Lee Juke squad will any I mean the mean weight of this entire group is like 160 pounds 163 pounds if they're walking around with her pants full of quarters this is give me a break honestly I'm just saying if mr. beast was a reasonable man he'd call this thing off right now honestly just send me the check for a hundred K save everybody else the trip if you think.

You're gonna put me in a circle with a bunch of hundred and sixty pound internet celebrity twinks and have any other outcome than you handed me that hundred K at the end you've got damn lost your mind oh but Leon what if mr. beast owes you some curveballs just because you're the 280 pound poster boy from masculinity doesn't mean he might not spice things.

Up a little bit you don't know you're gonna win you don't think I prepared for that this is me balancing one-legged on a Christmas tree stand no camera tricks just agility cunning strength and perseverance need I go on but if they make you surf on a flat-screen TV that would be an absolute doozy yeah if you're not prepared for it oh whoops perfect technique I mean look.

At the knee to hip ratio perfect alignment it's like I came out of the womb surf from the flatscreen I got I know little kid get a little carried away with the sword I don't know what I'm not really sure what I was doing there I'm sure that's impressive Leon but there's no way you could prepare for everything they're gonna throw at you I.

Mean what if they wanted you to do some slow-motion live-action role-playing set the royalty-free dubstep music give me a break are you still not convinced okay let's talk about some endurance training sure it's looking a little grim okay but what you might not know is that I've been out here standing in this circle with no food in the water for 47 minutes are you serious.

Find one other person that can do that oh it's 47 minutes without food or water I get a little thirsty lay the fuck off all right guys all jokes aside I'm pretty excited to do this I think it's not only gonna be a lot of fun I'm gonna meet a lot of cool people I get to meet Jimmy mr. beast who I've been friends with with quite some time so I'm looking.

Forward to all that but it's also not every day you get like a 10% chance to walk home with $100,000 right so it kind of happened last minute but the wife and I were able to work out the scheduling get my son taken care of so I'll be able to fly out for a couple of days and kick it with these guys so I'm really looking forward to that again thank you all who recommend me on.

That tweet you know this is a little bit different than what I usually do obviously this is gonna put a little break in the normal probe programming that I do here but I want to bring you guys along so if you do if you do want to follow along you can follow my instagram at Leon lush I'm gonna be posting stories while I'm out there and also I'm gonna be bringing a vlog camera.

So I can get to try and get some footage and bringing the the rx100 mark 5 here it's not gonna have the best sound quality but I'm not bringing this big fuck-off DSLR to this thing I can just slip this out of my pocket when I want get some footage of me mopping the floor with these fucking losers I'm just kidding I'm sure they're I'm sure they're lovely people they're just I'm.

Just not how can I win anything let's be honest so thank you guys so much for everything all the support this last year has been a wild year man my life has changed so drastically in so many different ways so much of that is thanks to you guys for watching the videos showing so much support and for you know I have no expectations in this la trip I'm just going out to have a nice time.

Meet some people and do the best I can and you know what if I come home with nothing it'll still be a great trip if I come home with a hundred K I'll quit YouTube and never talk to your motherfuckers again this is how I would I would never do something like that come on baby you know I treat you with the love and respect you deserve so by the time you.

Guys see this I'll be getting ready to head out to LA Nigel's gonna stay home and hold down the fort I know I wanted to bring him to the circle too but the pussy is afraid of flying if you think I'm gonna drive cross-country because of fear of flying you got another thing coming you stupid little bitch if you could do me a favor leave a comment down below I'm gonna be uploading probably.

The vlog experience of this whole trip when I get back and then it'll be back to normal programming thank you guys for everything you do me one small favor don't forget to hip thrusts that motherfucking like button for me does mean the world to me thank you so much see you guys soon peace I need some of the fucking huge


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