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Supreme Khiladi-2 2018 New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie || Sai Dharam Tej , Anupama

Опубликовано: 4 месяца назад
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Presenting South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie 2018 New (Hindi Movies, South Movie 2018, 2018 New Hindi Dubbed Movie) Supreme Khiladi 2 (Tej I Love U ).Starring #SaiDharamTej , #Anupama, Exclusively on Aditya Movies - Telugu & Hindi.
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Film Name : Supreme Khiladi 2 (Tej I Love U )
Cast: Sai Dharam Tej,Anupama Parameswaran
Producer: Aditya Music India Pvt. Ltd
Director: A. Karunakaran
Music Director: Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: I. Andrew
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Damn! I'm in trouble. Listen. My car broke down on the way. Are you out of your mind? You've got a London flight to catch tomorrow.And you're visiting temples offering prayers..

Where are you right now? I think there's a railway station close by. I see a boy coming. Let me find out. Okay, Lakshmi. Come back home safely.- All right. Bye then. Excuse me... Is there a railway station nearby? Yeah, aunty. Can you drop me there?- Sure. Hop on..

This is a shortcut, aunty.- I see. Where do you live, boy? Where are you coming from? I live in a village nearby.I come here for tuition. Oh... What do your parents do? My parents passed away in an accident. Oh... Sorry, dear. Mention not, aunty. My aunt and uncle take good care of me. You're so lucky..

All my uncles, aunts andcousins love me dearly. That's great. Hey, man! Look how hot she is. Wow, man!- Dear, turn around. Let's leave. Let's get her.- Hey! Hey, stop! Pedal faster, boy. Go fast. Stop the cycle, kid! I said stop!- Pedal faster. Stop the cycle. You leave, kiddo. Leave me! Let go!.

Hey, come on!- Hey! Let go of her! Help! Help!- Being arrogant, huh? Aunty, you run. Aunty, escape from here.- Don't do that. Stop! Aunty, leave! Aunty, I said run! Run away from here! Run! Run! .

'Tej has killed a man!' What the hell are you saying? You've got a flight to London tomorrow. And you want to reach out to that kid. What's going on, Lakshmi? I'll have sinned if I don't go. He has saved my life..

He'll be imprisonedif I don't confess in court. Lakshmi! We can't ruin ourcareers by appearing in court. We've worked for a yearto find a job in London. You'll have to go to London. I can be anywhere in the worldbut never find peace. Please listen to me. Let's do something for the kid. All right. As you say. You'll be returning from London in a week. Find the boy's familyand give them this cheque..

Yes, you're right. You don't worry about it. I'll take care of everything. : Order! Order! Despite mentioning thereason behind the kid's crime... Due to the absence of justified witness... Tej, a 10 year old native of Jagner... Under Section 321,is sentenced to 7 years in jail..

He is hereby ordered tobe shifted to a juvenile. Sumitha!- Sister! Aunty...! Tej! Aunty! You don't have to cry, son. You've made no mistake. We are all here for you. Just stay strong..

Hmm...- Sir! What are you staring at? That kid hasn't got parents. He's my brother's sonbut I consider him my own. I'm trying my best to bail him out. But the odds are against us. I request you to please look after him.- Why are you worked up about this? He's no criminal. He's still a kid. There's nothing to be worried about.I'll take good care of him..

Good to hear that.- You can leave now. Tej! Tej! Tej! What's up, man? You danced so good.- Thanks, man. Impressed with your performance,the HOD is here to meet you..

Hi, Tej! Congratulations!- Thank you so much, sir. These are my friends from Hyderabad. They sing in my uncle's band. I also join them sometimes. They were specially invitedfor our college event. Hi, guys! Tomorrow is our 'Hostel Day'. You should all be there. Actually, sir... I was leaving tomy hometown this evening. But why?- It's my brother's birthday tomorrow. Oh... Happy birthday in advance..

Thank you so much, sir.- And they are... My elder sister,younger sister and cousins... Hi! Oh... It's not just his birthday tomorrow.Our summer vacation also starts tomorrow. No matter where ourfamily is throughout the year... We meet on this particular day.Our uncle makes sure we do. Hey! Don't move! : Stand still, will you?.

You're still as naughty. Welcome, love.- How are you, dad? How's my son-in-law? Come. How are you, dear?- I'm fine, mom. - Greetings, uncle. Let's get in. ♪He's one fortunate lad♪ ♪He spreads happiness around♪ ♪He's a festival in himself♪.

♪He lights up every soul around♪ ♪He's lucky to have found this home♪ ♪Every nook resembles a temple♪ ♪One finds a lot of joy in this place♪ ♪This abode is home for happiness♪ ♪Happy family!♪ Looks like he owns the entire wealth. They bought him this bike worth lakhs. Even you own a part of that wealth,don't you? Why didn't you question them?.

♪Happy family!♪ ♪Happy family!♪ No ball! Latha, what's in the bag? Nothing, aunty. Make it fast. Come on. Wow! Yum! Take a look at this, uncle. This is junk food. You'll fall sick if you eat this..

You came all the way fromHyderabad to spoil them? Shit! ♪Our family stands by tradition♪ ♪We stick to the same thought♪ ♪We enliven each others' dreams♪ ♪Every moment is a memory in our world♪ ♪Every second awaits times of fun♪ ♪We know no tears or sorrow♪ ♪Witness both love and emotion here♪ ♪This home is a dream land for families♪.

♪Happy family!♪ He did it! He does this all the time. ♪Happy family!♪ ♪Happy family!♪ ♪When sheer joy takes over♪ ♪One's deep sorrows begin to fade♪ Tej! ♪Every painful tear is smeared by smiles♪.

What is it? Did the rain startle you?- Hmm... ♪Together we rise against the odds♪ ♪It's a testament to our courage♪ Mr. Prasad, wedding is in the morning. Don't leave without blessing the couple. Sure. Will do. Greetings...- Greetings, sir....

Wake up, everyone! The auspicious time is here. Wake up! Listen! Huh?- You forgot the vermillion. Brother! Brother!- Just wait. Brother! We've been betrayed..

My daughter has eloped with someone. What is he saying? Have you gone mad? What the hell are you saying? She must be somewhere around.Look properly. Three men entered our house at midnight. She ran away with them. Tej! Tej! Oh, Lord!.

He's done all of this, brother. The guy I know nothing about... Tej got her married to that guy only. Uncle, they were bothin love with each other. So what? Doesn't mean you get them married. No, uncle..

This alliance was fixed when she was a kid. When she was foolishto fall in love with someone... You were supposed to get some sense into her. But you helped her elope and get married. Damn it! You embarrassed usby going to jail as a kid. Brother!- Hey! You've embarrassed usyet again by ruining the wedding. How can we lead a respectful life now? How do I answer the in-laws? Tell me! Why are you questioning him?.

Your elder brother compelled him to do so. He's pretending to be innocent now. Hey! Hey! Hey! What the hell are you doing? Let him go! Hey! How dare you abuse my in-law in my presence? Brother! I understand everything now. I get that I have zero respect in this house..

Uncle, forgive me, please. Listen to me.- Stop it! I see your real side now. Brother, you're responsiblefor his behaviour. I'm done with all of you. Listen to me at least.- I want nothing to do with this family. Let's get out of here. You haven't shownany respect to the man's age. You've shattered the family into pieces. You'll never set foot in this house again. Get out!.

Get out! Hey! Morning, seniors!- Come on, get going! Hey, man! I'd spend hours at college until now. We're done with our diploma now. What do I do now?- You've still got your backlogs, sir. Here's your ticket, sir. Where's mine?- What do you need it for, sir?.

Your village is quite nearby. Hey, man... Didn't you know this? His uncle kicked him out ofthe house before a year. He's been living with his otheruncle in Hyderabad since then. Seriously, sir?- Ask him. Sorry, sir. I'll go get you a ticketto Hyderabad right now. Please do that.- Sure, sir. A guy proposed to me yesterday.- Wow! That's great. I slapped him with my slipper..

Is it?- Oh, my! I've got a doubt, bro. What is it, huh? Why do girls respond to guys'proposals with their slippers? That's because a guy's love equals God. What do you mean? It's just like removing slippersbefore entering a temple. You're of another level, man. You think so?Give me a minute. .

He’s calling someone. What's up? Did you leave? Yeah, I did. I've been trying real hard to impress a girl.But it's not working out. Give me an idea, bro. Idea? It's quite easy to impress girls. Do something. Roam around a girl for about three days..

Give her as much attention as possible. Follow her on the fourth day as well. But when she notices you, look away. You can't expecthow disturbed she's going to be. When she notices me... Hello? Say something, man. I'm talking to you. Hello! Hello? Are you there? .

Hey, uncle! Why don't you sit down? Damn! She's staring at me. Hey! Stop staring. Everyone's looking. Grandpa... Tell me, dear..

Huh! Will you complain on me? Go ahead. She's blind?! Grandpa...- Let's go. 'My first love story is a blind love story!' Who are you, dear? Why’d you do that?- Grandpa! Guys assumeit's easy to impress girls. That is why I've taughthim a lesson for life..

How does my coffee taste? How many times have I askedyou to put some coffee powder in it? I've learnt from YouTube to makecoffee without coffee powder. That is why it tastes like this. I've posted the same onFacebook and received 500 likes. One can't taste the coffee on Facebook.Got it? Hello! Crazy Boyz Music Troupe... Hello, uncle. Is Tej there?.

Hello, uncle. Is Tej there? What's happening? I'm the most famous singer in the city. But I seldom receive any calls. He reached the city last night.And he's already got 60 people calling. I wonder what he's upto. One needs to havefans to receive phone calls. Come on! It's 9'o clock already..

How many times haveI told you early risers are successful? Really? If that was the case,newspaper deliver boys would be rich. Well said, son! He's right, dear. If drinking milk made one powerful,even a cat would've been wild. Wow!- That was your punch line? I can do better. If practice helped one's music,I would've been a music director by now. Uncle, you just took a dig at yourself..

I was out of flow. You've come home after so long. Shall I make sour chicken rice for you? What? Sour chicken rice? It tastes so good.- How do you make it, aunty? First, we need to pluckthe feathers off a hen. We should chop it off into pieces...- Uh-huh? Let it soak in a vessel of tamarind water. Wow! My mouth is watering. I know, right?- Cook it right now and serve it to uncle..

Order food from a hotel for me, please.- Hey! Uncle! You two are making fun of me, huh? Who is it, man?- It's me! Brother! How are you doing? I'm good. How are Sudha and Ishu? They're both fine, brother.- Did you reserve the tickets? It's done, brother..

We're leaving in a week. All right.- Brother, actually... Tell me. Tej finished his studiesand came to Hyderabad. Do we bring him along? What happened, dear? He hung up. Uh-oh! He hangs up whenever we mention Tej. Is it wrong to get a couple married? He was in jail for 7 years as a kid..

He's stayed in a hostel for 2 years later. Is he going to stay away forever now? Let's take him along this time. Convince your brother somehow. Let's try. What's wrong?Don't you girls have college to attend? One of our seniors rags us. She forces us to smoke cigarettes..

She's ragging you, huh? How could you laugh atyour sister being ragged? Eh? What do you expect me to do? What makes you thinkseniors would be nice to you? Brother! Hmm! Who is she? Tell me. Give me her details. Listen! I don't know what you're going to do..

But I won't be the one smoking.She'll smoke and I'll watch. We need to teach her what torture feels like. Just wait and watchhow badly I'll torture her. This is just the advance.Get the balance amount ready. Stop talking and get to work. Go! Ah! Okay. Hey! Huh?- I'll send you the girl's picture. Sure, do that. What says, guys?My attire will scare her, right?.

Whoa! Sure! Hello, sir.- Hello. Tej! They think I'm a real cop. My dad's uniform has been useful. We look like cops but youhaven't told us what the plan is. We'll make the girl smokeand make that video go viral. Hey! Are you all set? Hmm... All set.- Have you got her details? Platform no. 8, Godavari Express,Coach S4, dressed in blue... .

Whoa! This means she isn't blind. She's fooled me badly. Hey! Show me the girl's picture. She fooled me the other day. She fooled around with my sister recently. I'm not going to let you go today. Hey! Police!- Listen..

He's really dangerous. We are scared as hell looking at him. Please do as he says. I'll scream, huh.- I'll stab you, eh. I've got no cash on me. I don't want your money. What do you want then, sir? Please! Give me that. Smoke this. No, sir. I don't smoke..

Hey! Just do it! Please, sir. I'll stab you. Just do it! What are you making me do, sir? If we don't stop her,she'll go overboard with it. Done, sir. It's over. It's over, sir. Are you done, sir? Wasn't that too much?.

Hey! Get lost! I'll now play the video ofyour senor that rags you. Share this video withyour friends and it'll go viral. And your senior will be insulted. Thanks, bro! Great job!- I asked him to rag my senior. But he ragged some random girl for my money. Sister, your senior wasa common person in both our lives. Hey! How dare you rag my sister?I'll kill you!.

And the balance amount... I'm not going to pay you. Huh? Why? Why won't you give me the money?- No way! But why?- She's not my senior. Hey! Blue dress, Coach S4...You sent us all these details. Dressing in blue doesn't make her my senior. Hey, look! This is cheating.What do you think of yourself, huh? You better give my money.- Hey! Hey! Why are you being so loud? Do you know how muchI spent on making that video?.

Hmm... That doesn't make it useful to me.I'm not paying. Will you stop already? Tell me what you guys are fighting about.- Look, dad. I paid him to rag my seniorand he ragged some other girl. Who's that girl? Take a look for yourself. Huh?! She’s the girl you ragged?- Huh! She is the Police Commissioner's daughter. Huh?.

Commissioner's daughter? Yeah, dad. He's also an encounter specialist. Yeah, love. He's an encounter specialist. Some guy ragged her thisone time and her dad shot him. That's right.- Yeah. Didn't you know? Why'd you make theCommissioner's daughter smoke? You think I'm scared ofthe Commissioner's daughter? Why are your hands shivering then? Hey! Hey! Yes!- Hey! He did this for you, right?.

Why are you pulling his leg now? Your lovely son had me pay for this. Huh?- Huh! When's the party, bro? You fool! I asked you for the girl's picture.Whose picture did you show me? You asked me to click her picture and I did.How am I mistaken? You think you're some photographer, huh? She's the Commissioner's daughter. All the lines to this route are busy..

Please try after some time. Hey! Hey! Hey! You're going to be smacked, you idiot! Yes! Hey! You get inside. Listen, dear. I'm really scared. What if the Commissioner found him? Don't worry. She's notthe Commissioner's daughter. Really?.

Huh... You only wantedto take Tej along with us. Maybe this will scarehim to join us on the trip. You smart fella! Who's that girl by the way? Who knows? Nandini... Nandini! Nandini! Come on! Sir! Sir! Sir!- Judge wants to see you. Hello, sir..

Sir, this girl ran over me andmy dog Tommy with her bike. Your Honour, my clienthas done it accidentally. She hasn't planned it. So I request you to relieve my client,Your Honour. You tell me, dear. I was driving my bike. This dog found a biscuit on the road.It came running and under my bike. This old man was chasing after the dog. I hit them as I lost control. Why, dear? Your bike hasn't got brakes?.

It does and that is why the old man is alive. This old man would've been dead otherwise. Rest in peace.- What the hell! Why do you keep referring to him as old man? 'Oh! He's also an old man. I totally forgot.' This girl named Chalasani Nandini… …has accepted being guilty ofhitting Mr. Ramaswamy with her bike. So, for the purpose ofhospital feel for him and his dog… She should pay 2000 rupees. It is my verdict. And for making fun of old people..

She should spend 15 days at an old age home. And 15 days at animalcenter for hurting the dog. My verdict is thatshe should serve those poor animals. Come on. Give me money. Hey! Auto man is better than you. Is it? Get an injection for Snoopyand come home tomorrow. Hey… I will give you the waiting charges. Please come inside..

Okay. You may go inside. I will come. Snoopy!Is it a hospital or a five star hotel? What is this? Why are you taking so long? You should give bath to 10 dogs. You have to groom 6 cats. You have to do brushing for 3 horses. Make it fast. O’ my God! There are 10 more dogs?.

Hmm. I will give you money whatever you ask. Set me free from this service. No! The lady constable here is very strict. She makes sure that peoplewho received the punishment are here. She takes updates on your their progress. But, I can help you. How? Bring someone in your place. I will manage the rest of it..

Who will agree to do this? Are you that innocent? You look so beautiful. Can’t you find a fool? That’s fine. But, where willI find such a fool all of a sudden? ‘The guy in the train.’ Brother! That is Commissioner’s daughter. I guess the commissioner must have come. I will leave. Why are you scared?.

What’s your mistake? I will go and talk to her. Wait. Hi. Hi. Do you remember him? He made you smoke at the station yesterday. Yeah. But, how do you know? I am his sister. He’s the same guy..

‘I couldn’t recognize him.’ Actually, you might be so angrythat you feel like killing him. Hmm. ‘Idiot.’ You must be angry just for 2 days. But, I’ve been angry for almost 15 years. He has a habit of takingbribes for everything since childhood. That’s me. I told him that you arecommissioner’s daughter. Is it? You should tell him the same..

I request you. Please. ‘She is pleading her to save me.’ ‘I would’ve demanded for more commissionif I knew that she loves me so much.’ Please…Please! Get up… Please get up. Don’t leave him. Okay. Don’t worry about it. I will take care of your brother. ‘Why are coming to me like a good?’.

‘Didn’t my sister’s sentiment work?’ What happened? Why are you so scared? Yeah. I know thatshe is commissioner’s daughter. Aren’t you scared of commissioner’s daughter? Will she kill meif she is commissioner’s daughter? ‘I will kill.’ Yes, dad. I will kill him. Dad! He is here. Come fast..

He will leave if you delay. You should encounter him. Please come fast. Excuse me. What is it? Sorry, madam. Are you saying sorry? How dare you? You made me smoke. It is impossible for you to escape..

Is it wrong take revenge for my sister? Huh? That’s me! Moreover, you took moneyfrom your sister. Didn’t you? Yes! ‘I will teach you a lesson.’ Just wait. Let me call my dad.- Madam… Madam. Let us compromise. I will do whatever you ask me to. Will you do it?- Hmm..

Well, you look good. Do you have a girlfriend? Really? O’ my goodness! ‘Idiot.’ Then, will you becomemy boyfriend 15 days and listen to me? What is this? Does it happen that way? What is like being a boyfriend for 15 days? Huh?.

Girls might get used to a spa. If they like it afterfeeling the essence of it… Then, they will come againand again to get a massage. Otherwise, they willnever visit that spa again. It is simple as that.- Is it? That’s true, buddy. Last time, a girl asked me tocome to her hostel in Ameerpet. She asked me apply dye for her.- Hey! Old ladies apply dye. Not girls. See how he talks about it.- Don’t be silly, buddy. You’ve got a golden chanceto let her feel the essence of it..

Don’t lose this opportunity. Buddy! You are so lucky. I got the oil too. It belongs to my grandpa. I requested my mom and brought it.- You are so lucky, man. Hi.- Hi. Are they your friends? Hi. Think that way. You forgot, right?.

It is getting late. Come. Hey. Did you tell them about us? Okay. Why did we come here? I will tell you. Get down. Do you know what thatbiggest crime in this world is? Tej! What is the biggest crime in this world? People get rid of their parentswhen they become old..

I am habituated to servesuch people since childhood. Wow… You are so great. You are not ordinary. You shall be protected! I just said that to feel good. Nandini! Nandini. What happened, Rahul? Is he Rahul? Sit…- I had leg pain all night..

Is it?- I am unable to bear it. It is okay. Applying oil and givingmassage will be smoothening. Tej! Give me the bottle. Which bottle? The one that your friend gave you. You hid it at the back. That bottle. ‘How does she know about it?’ Hey! Why are giving it to me? Sit here..

Grandpa is hurt. Come on. Give him a massage. Come on. Come on… Come on…come on… Come on! What, man? Call me when the bottles get over.I will bring a can. End the call. Hey, boys and girls..

By boyfriend will come to workinstead of me from tomorrow. Gosh! Hey! We came here yesterday, right?Why now? Tej! Won’t you have lunchif you have the breakfast in the morning? What happened? Tej! What happened? That means I should go there in the morningand come here in the evening. - Yeah. Yeah. Hey! Did you give bath to all the dogs?.

Yeah. ‘I asked you to brushthe horse’s teeth. Get up.’ ‘My leg hurts. Give me a massage, dear.’ No… I will not do it. No! Save me. Tej! I will never make chicken curry again. Hey! I am unable to bear thatcommissioner daughter’s torture. Hey! She is not commissioner’s daughter. This is your uncle and Yashu’s drama..

Drama? Three! Maria! Stop it. Who is it? Hey! Why are you lettingdown such a good song? No one appreciates good songs these days. What? What did you say? Did you sing it well? You!.

This is just an act, right? Do you know that I am a famous guitarist? Hmm? Play C minor. I am not a minor. I am a major. Silly fellow! Play it. ‘That means this is goingon depending this guy alone.’ What is the name of your troupe? Crazy boys music troupe of India! Yeah..

We will soon createan album representing India. What is this? We are practicing for merchantdaughter’s event, right? Uncle said the same thing. I understood… Tell me this.Should I keep on searching for you? What are you doing here withoutgoing to the old age home? Why should I go? Why won’t you go? What is it? You talk too much..

Your body language has changed. Did you forget who I am? Did you forget? Did you forget? Who are you? Commissioner’s daughter.- I’ll give you one. Don’t say that you arecommissioner’s daughter. I will smack you. Go away. ‘He’s dead!’ Oh! Did you found out everything?.

Okay, dear. Recall whatever happened that day. ‘What happened?’ Will you become my boyfriend15 days and listen to me? Will you come out for a coffee? Not just a coffee shop.I will go to Kanyakumari as well. Yeah. We went to the coffee shop. Try to recall what happened after that. ‘What happened after that?’ ‘Where did this girl go?’.

Where did you go? I will tell you. You are very handsome. You’d ignore me if you finda girl more beautiful than me. So, what? You have to sign thisagreement to keep the trust. Just 15 days. For the sake of trust? Silly girl. You’ve signed this, right?.

Take it and read it. Read it. No. Not me. Can you read? You read it. Come on. I, Mr. Tej! With my whole senses… With my hands… I write this note to Miss Nandini. For playing casino in Goa….

For cricket betting… For playing cards with friends… Going out with girls to the pub… Going out with aunts to the club… I bought a sports bike and an iPhone. For all those expenses… I took 25 lakhs fromMiss Nandini for 1 rupee interest. Nandini can use me inany manner until I fulfill the debts. She has that right on me. All the rights belong to Miss Nandini..

I am writing in here. Yours loving, Tej! Hey you! Don’t you watch movies? The original document is in the locker. The fake copy can alsobe uploaded in Facebook. Superb idea! I will post that right away. Hey! If she files at the court… According to section 423 and 232,you might go to the prison. Tell me. What should I do?.

Listen! I just used free time until now. But, if you talk too much… You should be available 24 x 7whenever I call you and come to me. You should do whatever I ask you to. One more condition! I will kill you if I see you playing musicwith a music troupe ever again. Particularly, if I seethat fatso holding a guitar… Then, I’ll finish you. Let’s go. Proposal pen….

Just one left! Pen… Hey, boy! Come here. What do you want, sis? This pen looks different. This is a proposal pen, sis. It is for guys. It is not for you. What do you mean that it is for guys? Girls will threaten themwhenever a boy proposes a girl..

So… It will start recordingonce you press the button. You can listen to it when you press it again. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you… I love you… Hey… Stop it.How long will you show the demo? It’s awesome. Give me one..

I might like someone andfeel like proposing them. It will be useful then.- Why do you need one, sis? You already have a boyfriend. Hey! No one will give it to him. I will give it to someone whom I like. Hey! Okay. ♪I am stuck in here and my condition is bad♪ You stupid! I will kill you..

♪I am stuck♪ ♪It feels ghastly♪ Hey. ♪Hey! I am stuck♪ ♪My condition is bad♪ ♪It feels ghastly♪ ♪My time in her hands♪ ♪Gosh! This lovely girl♪ ♪Where did she come from?♪ ♪Not even a moment is peaceful♪.

♪My trail has become hard♪ ♪O’ God! O’ God…♪ ♪O’ God! O’ God…♪ ♪This young lady!♪ ♪Doesn’t let me sleep.Makes my sleep rubbish♪ ♪Gosh! She’s got attitude.Oh my! I am finished♪ ♪Doesn’t give up at all♪ ♪I am always asked to follow her♪ ♪She gives me orders to follow♪ ♪Otherwise, I will be punished♪.

♪Hey! I am stuck♪ ♪My condition is bad♪ ♪It feels ghastly♪ ♪My time in her hands♪ ♪O’ God! This is a lovely dream♪ ♪May this chain never get broken♪ ♪O’ God! Such a beautiful feeling♪ ♪I am getting lost in it♪ Hey! I am here. Come..

Yeah! I am coming. ♪I know understand the freedom of birds♪ ♪I have to do a lot to impress her♪ ♪Fun turned out to have a price♪ What happened, dear? ♪She’s gone! O’ God! I am finished♪ ♪Gosh! She’s got attitude♪ ♪This is of no use now♪ ♪Doesn’t give up at all♪ ♪I am always asked to follow her♪.

♪She gives me orders to follow♪ ♪Otherwise, I will be punished♪ Hey! Go away. Sorry… Sorry. Take this.- Wow! Bread omelet. ♪My life has changed completely♪ ♪Everything became so unpleasant♪ ♪Hey! Got you!♪ ♪From the day I’ve met you…♪.

♪I have become passionate♪ ♪Hey! Listen♪ ♪You’ve made me love you♪ ♪I am totally impressed♪ ♪I’ve seen you having a dessert♪ ♪I wasn’t aware why you made me do this♪ Sit… What is this, Tej! I am there, right? Why are you working hard? ♪You are the lovely token of joy♪.

♪Hey! I am stuck♪ ♪My condition is bad♪ Take it. ♪It feels ghastly♪ ♪My time in her hands♪ ♪Gosh! This lovely girl♪ ♪Where did she come from?♪ ♪Not even a moment is peaceful♪ ♪My trail has become hard♪ ♪O’ God! O’ God…♪.

♪O’ God! O’ God…♪ Tell me. Bro!- I am at the pub. ♪This young lady!♪ ♪I am finished♪ ♪Gosh! She’s got attitude♪ He is my assistant. ♪Which is of no use now♪ ♪Doesn’t give up at all♪ Hey! He is a superb dancer.He won the first prize. ♪Otherwise, I will be punished♪.

Tej! We are going out. But, you should eat on time... ...and sleep on time.- Okay, aunt. You go. Okay…Bye.- Bye. ♪Doesn’t give up at all♪ ♪I am always asked to follow her♪ ♪She gives me orders to follow♪ ♪Otherwise, I will be punished♪ You’ve misunderstood. He is not my boyfriend. He is my assistant..

Excuse me, sir. Did you come again? How many times shouldI tell you again and again? You are problematic. Sir! Please, sir. This is very important to me. You have to help me.- Murthy went to UK for the cricket league. He’d be busy with players there. You cannot get him.Didn’t I give you his number last time? He is not picking my calls, sir..

I have the same number. Please, sir. Try to do something. Do one thing. He’ll come for the Vizag cricketleague on the 20th of this month. You can go there and meet him. Thank you so much, sir. Don’t worry, dear. We are finding him, right? Mr. Murthy will solve your problem. Today is 1st..

It is just 20 days. Let’s wait. Meanwhile, I will send my peopleand try to find something. Thank you so much, sir. I am giving you trouble. So sorry, sir. What for? I know you as a child. Take care. Dear.- Yes, sir. Did we get the call?- No. Not now..

Hey! Someone of you go by the other gate. We shouldn’t miss Nandini this time. We should be ready to do anything for it. Hello. Where are you? What weren’t picking up my call? How many times should I call you? Where are you?What don’t you say something? Tell me. Yeah! I am here. I am coming..

I asked you to come here, right? When did I say? I will go to the courtif you don’t come here in 5 minutes. Are you coming or not? ‘I should show him my power.’ ‘Idiot!’ Nandini madam. ‘He will not stay away from me.’ Wait, madam. Madam. Hey, Nandini..

Hey! Follow her. Go… Go!- Hop on. Go fast. Make it fast.- Yeah! I am going. Okay. Hey! Drive fast. Please. Why should I drive fast? I will tell you later. Just go. Okay. Hey! Drive fast. Why did you bring me here?.

I will tell you. Get down. Who were they? Why are they following us? Who? I don’t know. Is it? Let’s relax here for 5 minutes. Hey. Hey! They came here. Please go. Please… Please.They came here..

Please. Please let us go from here.- Hey! Nandini will not come to usif we ask her nicely. We should tense her up. Who are they?- Please. They are from my village. They are forcing me for the wedding. That is why… That is why they are after me. Hmm? Hmm. Hey! Take her away..

Please… Please. Let’s go away from here. Please…Please. Please save me. I will do whatever you ask me to.- Will you do whatever I ask you to? Yes. I will do it. Will you sign my documents? ‘He’s smart.’ But, there are no documents, right? They’re ready. ‘He came with them.’ I’ve been waiting for thissituation from many days..

Hmm. But, this is blank. Won’t you sign then? Let’s relax then. I am signing it. Do it. Hey! Go, grab her and come. I did it, boss. Did you sign all the papers? Hmm..

Start being my girlfriend, baby. Give it… ‘Pass the ball. What are you doing?’ ‘What energy!’ ‘Buddy! What are you doing?’ Goal! Come on. What have you done? Hey! Pass me the ball.- What’s the use in passing you the ball? The girl is here. Go and start working..

Good morning, boss. Hey! Why are you late? Should I wait for you every day? There’s a traffic jam, boss.- Is it? Get me the ball. Where is the ball? Go and find it. Brother! Where is the ball? Brother! Where is the ball? Hey! Tell me where the ball is..

Hey.- Brother! Where is the ball? Is it there? Thanks, brother. Ball, boss. I asked you to come at 7 am, right? Go and get Tea for everyone. Go… Okay, boss. Money! What? Do you need money? You!.

Hello. Buddy.- Tell me. Buddy. Tell me. My girlfriend broke up with meand is going to Singapore. Her company promised togive 5 lakhs hike on salary. That is why she is going away from me. Good thing happened. I told you to marry her to be happy. You didn’t listen to me..

What did you say? Living together… Face it now. She tied Rakhi to you that day. She will listen to you. I don’t know what you will do. You have to stop her fromgoing to Singapore. That’s it. Hey! How can I come in the last moment? I have an exam at 2 pm. How will you pass that paper? Hey! I didn’t pass for the first attempt.That is why I am writing again..

Buddy! I will give up my lifeif you do not stop her. Hey! Stop crying. Let’s do something. Both of you meet me atthe continental hospital in one hour. Okay, buddy. Did you give it to everyone? Hmm.- Sit. Where, boss? Should I read out the document?.

Sit. Accept it. Please. It is just for 30 minutes.- Hey! Is it a hospital or a drama company? Listen! There is a small issue.I have to solve it. Please. Who is the patient, by the way?- She is the one. Me? Oh! Doctor! Give them the ICU for one hour. Okay, sir. Hey! What’s going on here?- Sssh!.

Listen! You shouldn’t talk for 5 minutes. Hey! Are they coming? I am so happy to see her like this. Hey. Are you giving her a shock treatment? Haven’t you tied her hands? Sorry.- Why do you do it all the time? Why didn’t he tie her hands? What must have happened, Madhu? I don’t know anything. Let’s see..

Brother! What happened? My wife tried to commit suicide. Wife? When did you marry? Listen! They’re living together just like us. Don’t stop the flow. You say, buddy.- She works for Google. She was offered 1 lakh salaryhike to go Australia. I forced her to go. Do you know what Nandu said?.

How can I leave you for 1 lakh? I am not that cheap. I belong to a decent family. 1 lakh is not needed. 5000 rupees is enough. I will kill him and go to Australia. I didn’t listen to her. I did her signature andmailed the letter to her company. She attempted suicidewhen she got to know that. He is lying a lot..

Listen! Don’t send my sisterif she gets an offer like that. She might get ready to dieif she had to leave you. I cannot withstand that.- No, brother. I am also from a decent family. It is not my characterto be greedy for money. I will not go to Singapore.- Sheila. I will not go even if you ask me to. You’ve made me realize, brother. I will meet sister-in-law. I will tell her..

I will tell her. She is sleeping. You got emotional. Take her. Take my sister and go. You come. Go… Hey! Have you cancelledthe plan to go to Singapore? What are you saying, buddy?- How does he know? No… His girlfriend ran away with someone. Let’s go.- What did you do?.

How dare you!- Hey! Don’t take an advantage of itand make plans to marry me. I will kill you. Do you get it? What do you think of yourself? I have used you to my work.So, will you let me do all this? I am silent because I signed the agreement. Otherwise… What will you do otherwise?- Otherwise… What will you do otherwise?.

Did you see my friend who came now? He loved that girl very badly. He will die if she leaves him. I did this drama to save their love. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I would’ve written whateverI want if I really plan to use you. But, my heart didn’t let me do that. Do you know why? I love you a lot. I felt it when I saw you for the first time..

You asked me to act like your boyfriend. I became your boyfriend in real. I did whatever you asked with love. I did it for my love. I love you, Nandu. Come to me tell tomorrow if you like me. Otherwise, I will consider that you… Bye. ♪The harmony of my heart♪ ♪Your eyes...♪.

♪I'm delighted to see…♪♫…♪ ♪Your eyes took away the harmony of my heart♪ ♪We are lost in those lovely dreams♪ ♪You’re completely filled in my heart♪ ♪I’m lost being with you♪ ♪All those pretty chats of yours♪ ♪O’ God! I am delighted♪ ♪Your eyes took away the harmony of my heart♪ ♪We are lost in those lovely dreams♪ ♪Never go away from me now♪.

♪After stealing my heart♪ ♪Stay like this in my arms♪ ♪O’ my dear♪ ♪You are my soul, my dear♪ ♪You are my comfort♪ ♪This is the love story written by God♪ ♪Spreading out the fragrances♪ ♪With a floral shower, my dear♪ ♪Let the season salute you with it♪ ♪Your eyes took away the harmony of my heart♪.

♪We are lost in those lovely dreams♪ ♪You’re completely filled in my heart♪ ♪I’m lost being with you♪ ♪All those pretty chats of yours♪ ♪O’ God! I am delighted♪ We tried a lot, sir. Madam escaped from us. Did you take 10 lakhs to say this? Drive. Stop the car. Sir! Give me one more chance..

‘I will get her this time.’- ‘Get out.’ ‘Why did you deceive me? Why?’ Lakshmi! Why did you come out? You have breathing problem, right? Why did you deceive me? Please, sir. Lakshmi! Everyone is watching us. Can we talk later? What is there to talk now? A kid saved my life 15 years ago..

I asked you to help him.But, what have you done? Lakshmi! Try to understand. I asked you many times andyou said that you helped him. I trusted you. But, you didn’t do anything. That kid was imprisoned for 7 years. Lakshmi! Leave it. He just did a small favor. Should you spend a lot of him for that? I haven’t done anything for my sake..

Everything is under our daughter’s name. How can you be so selfish? To save my life, he… Hey! Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Lakshmi! Yeah, dad. We did all kind of tests. I don’t know what the problem is. Mom..

Mom. Nandini. Your father deceived me. Go to India. Try somehow to meet him. My mom didn’t forget you.She thought about until her last breathe. Say this to him. Tell him that I asked him for an apology. Will you fulfill my wish?.

I am going to India. I will find him andfulfill my mom’s last wish. You’ve bought property on my name, right? I will give that to him. What do you mean? How can you give it to him? You must’ve bought it for me. But, it belongs to him according to me. Your mom is crazy. Have you gone crazy? I gave that site to someone else..

I took the advance. Mom told me before dying thatshe couldn’t help him because of you. She remembered him all the time. She should be relieved from that grief. For her soul to rest in peace… I should go and meet him. Not just that. I enjoyed mom’s love because of him. So, he has that right. You will not go to India..

Get it? ‘I want to go to India.’ ‘I will go for sure.’ Hello. Sir! I am calling to discussabout that land in Vizag. Yes. That is why I came to India. You already took 10 crores in advance. There is no response. No… That site belongs to you. You can confirm..

Okay. Sure, sir. Hello, bike. What is your boss writing inside? Excuse me, sir. Please. Hello! Yes. Sir! There is a guy named Tej inside. Can you call him out?- Should I call him? This is an exam that’s going on here. ‘Tej! I fell in love with you.’.

‘How can I hold it in my heart this long?’ ‘I cannot hide it like how you did.’ ‘So, I came to express it now.’ ‘Write your exam later. Come out first.’ ‘I love you… I love you!’ ‘I will fail even this time.’ ‘I don’t understand why the questionsthat I prepare don’t appear here.’ Sir. What happened now? Sir. This is a letter..

How dare you! I thought that only guys cheat in the exam. Even girls are into cheating now. That too, you’re giving it to a professor. ‘You fool!’ Tej! Tej! Tej! Tej!.

Tej! Tej. Hey! What happened to Nandini? What happened to Nandini? Hey! Tell me what happened to Nandini. Karthik! You tell mewhat happened to Nandini. Hey! Why doesn’t anyone say something? Hey. They frightened me. I was worried..

Do you love her? Yeah. Why? I don’t know why you guys are bothering me. I can’t recall why I came to India. Please don’t ask me the same questionagain and again. Now, just leave me alone. I need to see my mom. Doctor! Please. I need to talk to my dad. Doctor! At least you tell them. Doctor?.

Of course, he is a doctor. Sir! Can you please give me your phone? I need to speak to my dad. What happened to her? She forgot that she came to India. ‘We tried a lot.’ ‘She talks about her dad who is in London.’ ‘But, she doesn’t say anything about you.’ ‘She completely forgot you.’ Nandini..

Dad. Dad! Where is mom? Come with me. I’ll tell you. Nandini. It is lacunar amnesia. She had a head injury. So, her memory storage tissues are damaged. That is why her memory is lost permanently. She can remember everything. But, she cannot recall something thathappened for a particular period..

It varies in patients. Some people lose 5 years of memory. Some people lose 2 years of memory. Let’s talk about your daughter Nandini. She lost 3 months and 12 days of her memory. That includes the death ofher mother and her comeback to India. Everything that happened beforethe accident is erased from her memory. Her brain is 100 percent perfect. Her health condition is also good. Sir! Your daughter forgotwhatever is needed to be forgotten..

Shut up. Find out where she kept the documents. We have to sell the site, right? She might get suspicious if we ask her now. Let’s take her to London first. Let’s go.- But, sir! Listen to me. Let’s talk about it later. Nandini! Let us go. Dad. What happened, dear?.

I came here to fulfill my mom’s wish, right? Of course! Is there any doubt? Should I call the personthat you met in India? Let it be, dad. You said it. So, it must be true. I don’t want to meet anyone. Let’s go to London directly. Hello. Tej!.

Sister wants to talk to you. Tej! Aunt! What happened to you? Nothing happened to me, aunt. Don’t I know about my son? You are very sad. No, aunt. I am fine. I feel like seeing you. Come here once, dear..

Not now, aunt. It might be an issue if uncle finds out. I will come some other time. ‘Come just for once.’ Hmm. Bye. Calm down, sister. He will come. What happened? Why didn’t you all go to the ground? How can we go to the groundwhen you’re like this?.

Hmm? How can we go to the groundwhen you’re like this? Hey! Just chill, buddy. How can I just chill? We know that you did a lot for her. Let’s do something. Let’s go to Nandini and tell her everythingthat has happened. You’ve seen her at the hospital.Didn’t you? She couldn’t recognize me. Then, how will she recognize my love?.

Moreover, doctor saidshe cannot recall everything again. What shall we do now? Will you be able to forget her? It is tough, buddy. God has given her a memory loss. It would be good if there’s a way to erasefeelings from heart as well. Yeah…I am coming. Sorry…Sorry.- Are you blind? Can’t you see? Sorry, sir. You are…?.

Why did you try to abduct Nandini that day? Her father sent me to bring Nandini.- Hey! Why will her father do such thing? I don’t know. He asked me to injure her and take her to him.- Why so? I don’t know all that. But, he was tensed because he might losethe property if she’s not found. What property? Whose property? I don’t know anything other than this, sir. We are not goons..

We work for his friend’s company in India. I can you show you my Aadhar cardif you want. Sir! I’ve got kids.- Hey! Get lost. Thank you, sir.- Get lost. ‘That means Nandini’s issue is her dad.’ ‘That is why she came back to India.’ Hello. Buddy! Nandini’s father is taking herto London. What shall we do now? ‘Hello?’.

‘Hello?’ Come on, dear. Make it fast. We’re getting late to catch our flight. I have no idea when willI come to India again. Just give me 5 minutes.- Hmm. Okay. Okay. This is okay. Hey! Come fast. That girl is coming. Listen, dear. We don’t have much time..

The airport is very far.- Yeah. I know that, dad. I will take just one bag. Please.- Hey! That is Nandini. Alright! Go.- Madam…You are Nandini, right? Yeah.- Ma’am! Please give me your autograph. Nandini ma’am. Who are all of you? Madam…Please madam.Give me your autograph. Madam! You’re the singer of‘Crazy Boys’ troupe, right? We love your song, madam. We die for your song, madam..

Madam! Your voice is similar toShreya Goshal in the movie. Please madam. Give me your autograph.- Who are you? Go away from here. Sir…Cool down.We are from ABT College. Vizag, sir. Sir! Do you know? Nandini madam is famousin our college. She sang for our college’s event as well. Please, sir.Let me take one selfie. Please, sir. Dad! They’re asking for my autograph. Did I really…?.

They are your acquaintances I believe.They are trying to take an advantage. Come with me, dear.- I took a selfie with Tej sir. I want to take one with you as well.- Tej? Who is Tej? Tej, madam.- He is the owner of ‘Crazy Boys’ troupe. See! He’s the one. ‘Who is Tej?’ Go! It’s time for your entry. Hey! Come…Come back.What are you doing? Make a way.Go away..

Madam…- Good news to our audience! We got to know that thefamous singer Nandini is here. Go away.- Madam…Please madam. Give us just one bite. Do it for your fans.Madam. Give a bite for our channel, madam.- Please go away. Go away. Madam! I am from Maya TV. - No… Madam, one bite. Please madam. Madam! Please.- Go. I am from Maya TV..

Take us to the airport fast.- No, dad. I want to meet ‘Crazy Boys’ music troupe. Okay, ma’am. I want to meet Tej. Tej. Tej! Tej. Won’t you talk with me? Talk with you? Why will he talk with you?- Hey!.

What have you done? We practice music like a family. But, you failed to recognize himwhen he came to see you at the hospital. It’s a medical miracle. You know? I lost my memory because of an accident. Did you forget to have food?- Did you forget to sleep? How can you forget Tej like that?How? Do you know how hurt we are? I can’t believe this. God! This must be crazy.- Stop it, man..

What is your problem? Actually! I don’t know what to say. But, I somehow feel like joining your troupe. Listen! Don’t do that. Why? The entire programme is a flopbecause of you. I fired you. Listen! Remove her picture from the hoarding.- Yes. We shall remove it. It’s done… Please don’t disturb again..

Hey mister! Mind your words. I will teach him a lesson. You would understand my feelingsif you’re in my shoes, sir. I became a state singer from a street singer. Many companies wanted me to do an album. Nandini joined the troupe by requesting us. She was the main singer andshe practiced too. There’s a tour in Vizag after 15 days. What can we doif she suddenly doesn’t remember anything? Why are you talking to her, buddy?.

Go away from here. Do you think that we cannot findanother singer? Leave now. Idiots! Let’s go, dear. Come. Let’s go. Didn’t I do the right thing? I tell you. Let’s go with plan B. Nandini! Good that you’re here.I am from Maya TV. Give us one bite, madam..

Hey! Why are you following us everywhere?Go away from here. Why are you saying that, sir? Your daughter is the lead singer forthe next music album. Madam…Please.- You! - Dad. Madam! Please give us one bite. Madam. Please madam. Just one bite. What should I say? Nandini! Let’s go. I understood everything, dad..

I loved music since my childhood. I must’ve fulfilled my wishbefore meeting this guy. I must’ve joined their groupand became famous. Whatever you think hasn’t happened. Look at his face. He looks like he hasn’t eatenanything for months. Particularly, look at that fatso. Does he look like a musician? Listen to me. This is just a waste of time..

Let’s go. Please, dad. It is just for 15 days. I will come after finishing the show. No, dear. I will not agree. Let’s go now. Don’t force her too much. She will remember everythingif she gets any doubt. Okay, dear. You can go..

Tej. I will sing in your group. I will come for the practice for 15 days. You will come?You won’t come. You will meet with an accident again. What will happen to usif you lose your memory? Say, madam. I will sign the agreement if you want. She didn’t change at all evenafter losing her memory. Show me the agreement. I will come for the practice from tomorrow..

Hmm. Okay? Bye. Hmm. Stop it. What happened, buddy?- Listen! She agreed to stay with us for 15 days. Find out why she came to India andwhat her problem is in these 15 days. Does it mean that there isn’t any love story? What’s the problem when you try for a littlebut you receive a lot? Then, allow us to make a plan.You just follow it..

Understand?- Okay. Hi. I am telling you. Obey my order. Come on, guys. Come out. I will smack you. Come out of it. Who composed this? Oh! What’s the scale that I should follow?- Small or big scale. Pick whatever you want..

Where should I get the scales from? Go out. Please, buddy. Get out. Now! Okay, guys. I’ll be back. Photo… Just a small break, ma’am. Please.- Okay. Yes. Harsh!.

Yeah. What happened, Nandini? This picture? This is one of those sweet memories ofyour story. Tej saw you in a train for the first time. He tried to talk to you. But, you didn’t give him a chance. That poor guy tried a lot. He made a plan to attract you. Plan is made..

Hey! Excuse me. How do I look? Ah? You might look like anything.How does it matter to me? Nothing, madam. I want to propose to a girl. Do it if you want. Why are you telling me? That is because a beautiful girllike you will have an amazing taste. Give me few tips andI will flatter her easily. Remove this floral shirt andwear something classy..

Remove your bottom and wear jeans. Okay, madam. What’s that? You hair looks like a nest. Go for a haircut. And that beauty spot. Remove it. You have to change your body language. Listen to romantic songs. You will look good after that. Any girl will easily get impressed. Okay, madam..

All the best! You passed by that road the very next day. ♪My heart says…♪ ♪That there is no place♪ ♪You gave a relaxation to my heart♪ ♪My heart says…♪ ♪You bare somewhere around bothering me♪ ♪I can’t think of anything other than you♪ You look awesome! What about your girl?.

Oh! ‘Better luck next time.’ You joined our troupe after that. We’ve done many programmes inseveral colleges. ♪I can live now♪ ♪Yeah! It is hard to live now♪ ♪You are my lovely dream♪ ♪Yeah! I say it to you now♪ ♪I desire to stay with you♪ ♪I desire to love you♪.

♪I will leave this world for you♪ ♪I cannot stop overwhelming♪ ♪I will never stay out of your sight♪ ♪You are the reason that I respire♪ Did all of that happen between us? ‘That poor guy doesn’t know about it.’ ‘Goal!’ Hello. Where is everyone? Do we have a practice today or not?.

Hey! We will reach there in half an hour.Do something. You stay there. Don’t go anywhere.Did you lock the room? No, buddy! I forgot. Buddy! You know, right? Tej doesn’t like it when someoneenters the room. That is because there aremany lovely memories in that room. Hey! End the call. Hey…I forgot.- Oh no! I will end it. No! Hey.- No. No..

No. No!- Harsh! Please. Please listen to me. Tell me something about this picture. Please, Harsh. Please tell me. Hey! I will kill you if you do not say it. I will tell you… We were doing music programmesand something happened one day. That day… Who wants this 2000 rupees note? ‘Me…I want it.’‘I want it…’.

Who wants this 2000 rupees note? ‘Me…’ Thanks, sister. ‘Oh!’ ‘Oh, no!’ Did you see that? Everyone raised their hands when I asked. But, Bunty took it away from me. Why haven’t you all taken it from me? We thought that you were kidding..

I thought about it and that kidcame before me. Life is similar to it. Someone might take the things you likebefore you do. That is why you shouldn’t holdanything to your heart. You have to express it. Take whatever you like. Be it money or love. Sister! Tej asked me to take that notefrom you. Hey… Tej! I love you..

Why didn’t you tell me that day about this? It would be embarrassing to makeyou remember everything after you forgot. That is why…Tej refused to say it. ♪You! My heart starts to love♪ ♪You are the love of my heart♪ ♪You are the twilight of my soul♪ ♪Will be! You’re always here♪ ♪Come! You’re my savior♪ ♪There isn’t someone like you♪ ♪I am nothing without you♪.

♪You are my everything♪ ♪Anyone will adore seeing you♪ ♪You’ve become my lovely friend♪ “♪♫…♪♫...” No! This is wrong. Why did you lie? Hey! It is true that you proposed Nandinibefore the accident. There’s a chance thatshe might accept your proposal. Just think if it happens in real. Listen, bro. True love never fails..

Nandini may not remember anything.But, love remains in her heart. Our plan is to make her recall that love. Tej! Nandini will not come backif she leaves. Whatever we do,we should do it within these 15 days. Otherwise,you will have to repent all your life. No, buddy.- Listen to me. It won’t be goodif we do not do something like this. Moreover, everything is fair in love and war.- Yes, buddy. Hmm? Hmm..

Hmm? Hmm. Yeah! Buddy!I guess she’s coming to express her love. Hey! I’m not a magician to handleall the musicians. There is a limit for everything, guys. Excuse me.- Hey! Don’t disturb. Oh! Nandini.Is that you? What a surprise!Come… I want to talk to Tej personally..

Can you all please go out? Oh! Sure. Why not?Let’s go, guys. Come. All the best, buddy.- All the best. I’ve been trying to meet you since morning. It is true that we were in love? That is… We… Say it. Did I love you? Did I wear a ring on you?.

Yeah! We loved each other. What is this, then? There’s a misunderstanding. He is not my boyfriend. He is my assistant. I got to know the truth about you. You forgot your phonewhen you came to drop me. You’ve cheated me. You and your friends deceived me. Following you and taking an advantage of you… Singing in your troupe….

Falling in love with you…Everything is a lie. Aren’t you ashamed? How can you deceive someone likethat to make them love you? I might consider everything to be trueand love you. But, what will you gain withthat kind of love? No. I… Damn! Nandu! Listen to me once. Don’t tell me anything. Goodbye..

It was my mistake, buddy. It might be anyone’s mistakebut is still a mistake. You are sad, buddy. I am sad. But, my love is incomplete. Buddy! Give me your phone. Why, buddy? She doesn’t have your number, right?- No. Okay. But… ‘Nandini! Come toMeherbaba Ashram immediately.’.

‘Gangadhar.’ Who is it in the picture, mom? He is orphan school’s principalMr. Gangadhar. I studied in their school duringmy childhood. Driver. Do you knowwhere Meherbaba Ashram is? Take me there. Buddy! What kind of message was that? I dropped Nandu at the ashramwhen she was with me. ‘There must be a connection.She came to India and went there twice.’ That is why I sent her this message..

We might find a clue over there. What is it, buddy? A lot has happened.Is it really required now? Why should we care about where she goes? Leave it, buddy. Hey! Nandu doesn’t love me. Should I let her go just becauseof that reason? Her father is her enemy. Who will help her, then?.

Let’s go. Yeah. I am astonished. Did all of it just in a week?- Sir. Why did I come to India? Why did I come to meet you? I will tell you, dear. Your mom called me one day before her death. She asked me to help you when you come here..

She asked me to find that guyand give these documents. After that, I got to hear about her death. I felt very sad. You came to me after that. We went to the Boston school inVizag to find the address of that guy. Madam! The documentthat you’re talking about… It got burnt in a fire accident. But, we can do something. There’s a PT teacher named Murthy. He was very close to the kids..

You can get some information if you meet him. Where will I find him? Murthy sir is a famous coach now. He’s the coach for the internationalcricket league who sponsors. His office is in Hyderabad. Go there and inquire. You went to their office anddid the inquiry after that. You came to me and said that Mr. Murthy iscoming to Vizag on 20th of this month. After that, you came here to meet me again. That means….

I came to India to fulfillmy mom’s last wish. Yes, dear. Dad is very selfish. He hid everything from mefor the sake of money. Forget whatever has happened. By the God’s grace, you found out everything. Now, you have to think about fulfillingyour mom’s wish. Yes, sir. You said that coach Murthy will come to Vizagin 20 days. 15 days are gone already..

You can meet Mr. Murthyif you wait for 5 more days. You can find something about that guy. Yeah. Come. Hey. Wait. Here. Take the documents. I’ll leave, sir.- Okay, dear. Let’s go… Nandini! If you father finds out that you came here….

Then, he will take you back to London. It won’t happen that way, sir. I will manage my dad these 5 days. I will go to Vizag without going to London. What is this?Why does she want to go to Vizag now? Why is she planning to go toVizag to stay away from her dad? Nandini’s dad is here. Ah? What ah? Nandini’s dad is here..

‘Dad is at music band office.’ Sir! What are you doing here? Where is my daughter? That is…Actually! She should either be with meor come here for the rehearsal. Where is she? She is not picking my call. You’ve got us sign the documents. If something happens to her… Don’t you feel responsible?.

He whistled but hasn’t she come?- She will come. Dad! When did you come here?- What is it, dear? Where were you?Do you know? I was so tensed. Tej! Haven’t you told my dad? We went for the practice, right? Yeah…That’s right. Dad! Tej is a very good composer. He’ll become like A.R. Rahman one day. Do you know?He planned the music programme very well..

We have to go to Vizag immediately. Oh! Vizag? Why should you go to Vizag?You have to practice here, right? The plan has changed, dad. Isn’t it, Tej? Yeah…Indeed! Yeah. She shouted at you earlier.She is talking sweetly now. What’s the matter?.

She should go to Vizag secretlywithout letting her dad know. That is why she made up a story now.- O’ God! See what I will do. Sir! Our programme is cancelled. You can take back your daughter to London. Hey! Hey! Be silent. Let me talk. Madam. Go. Why are you still sitting?.

What happened? He has no mood. He failed in love. His heart is broken. He will not do the programme. Sir! You may go if you want to. Is it good? Let’s go, dear. We shall go away from here. One minute, dad. What happened, Tej?.

Did you break-up? Why haven’t you told me? Tell me who that girl is. I will talk to her and convince her.- That won’t happen. She is very stubborn. She is very selfish. She can do anything to gain what she wants. She is a liar.You cannot convince her. ‘What is it? He is talking too much.’ ‘It is a lie if it is us andis charity if you do it?’ Can you tell a lie?.

What are you saying?- Meherbaba Ashram! Did you hear?- Yeah. We know everything andthe reason why you’re going to Vizag. Please. I will give money whatever you ask. Take me there. Please. Please? Money?- Will you give money? Do you think we are that cheap? Sir! Your daughter is going to Vizag.- Please…Please. Sorry. I said that in haste..

Please take me there. Please.- What happened, dear? What’s that discussion going on there? Is your Vizag programme on or off? Dad is coming. Please.Will you take me? I’m losing it. Say yes. Okay, sir. The programme is confirmed. We will take your daughter to Vizag.Tej will pick her. Get her ready. Dad! Come to Vizag on 20th. We shall go back to London that day..

Hello. This isn’t a Taxi for you to sit at the back. Come and sit in the front seat. So, Nandu! Did you eat something? Hello! Don’t talk rubbish. There is no relation between is. It is just the agreement. After reaching Vizag…Our ways will get departed. Do you get it? Yeah.- Let’s go..

I understood. Are you crazy? What did you say? Our ways will get departedafter reaching Vizag? This is just a sample. I will give you a heart attackbefore reaching Vizag. I will kill you. Sorry. Fill the tank..

Yes, sister. Listen, Tej! Mom’s health is getting worse. What? Come fast from wherever you are. You’ll come, right? Yeah! I am coming. Hey. Hey! O’ Man! Where are you going?.

I have an important work. Wait for half an hour. I will come back. I will go with you. Where will you come?I will come. What’s that immediate work for youto go leaving me all alone here? I am hungry. I am going to eat something.- What should I do all alone here? This Goddess is very powerful. Pray for whatever you want.I will come back in a while. Hey, Goddess! I cannot bear this torture..

So, please send me away from meas soon as possible. Please. ‘I have no idea where he’s going.’ He is going inside like a thief. Will he go to anyone’s house if he is hungry? Sister… Tej! Happy birthday, Tej. Is that why you saidthat aunt’s health is ill? Yeah. You won’t come if I do not say it..

That is why I said that.- You! Crazy. What if uncle finds out? Nothing will happen. I am leaving. Hey, Tej. Listen to me.- No. I am leaving. Listen. Wait. Listen to me. Hey, Tej..

Who is it? There is a thief in your house. Did he come? I knew it. It is his birthday. Who is it, sister-in-law? The thief is here. Superb! Did you come along with him? Are they crazy?.

Who is it, sister? This girl? This is the girl that I told you about. I told you that day. She is the one. Oh! Come in, Nandini. How do they know my name? Mummy! Brother! Ssh…Uncle might get up..

Yes. Mom’s sister! Mom’s younger sister! She is my aunt. And she is my sister. - Hi. It is our wedding next month. Naughty girl! She is my sister as well. Lakshmi!.

What’s that noise? What to do now? Won’t you let me sleep in peace? What’s happening there? Did you forget? Today is Tej’s birthday. Why are you worried about his birthdaywhen he is not here? Go and sleep. Who is that, aunty?Why is he shouting like that? Who is this girl? Uncle! She is my friend. She came here for the summer holidays..

Oh! Okay. Go and sleep now. Yeah. Let’s go, dear. Hey. Wait… What is it? Why did you tell himthat I’m your friend? We’ll be dead if you saythat you are a friend of Tej. Why? It was my sister’s wedding last year. Tej bro went away that day and came back now..

This is Tej’s flashback. Yashu! I am coming, mom. ‘Oh! So, this is Tej’s flashback.’ ‘There are four more days for the coachto come to Vizag.’ ‘Tej will leave me and goif I go away from here.’ ‘So, it is safe for meto stay here for 4 days.’ ‘I have to do something and stay here.’ You made up a story andbrought me here to do this, right? Shut up and eat..

You’d be good if you hadn’t lied. ♪Happy birthday to you…♪ ♪Happy birthday to you♪ Happy birthday, dear. ♪Happy birthday dear Tej♪ ♪Happy birthday to you♪ Enough… Eat… Hey! Come here..

Come. Hold this. Mom! She is crazy. Wait for 5 minutes. I am coming.- My leg hurts. Let’s go after 2 days. Hey! Do you think that this is a resort? Not 2 days. I will come in 2 minutesand we shall leave. What? Will you leave now? Mom! It will be a problem if uncle finds out. So, will you go even if I am really sick? Shut up..

How long will you stay away like this, dear? He would stay with youif he really loves you, aunty. Hey! Did she ask you? Hey.- Stay back, brother. Stay back. Stop it. Why are making it noisy?- Crazy boys! Music troupe. Listen! Our neighbors turned on their lights. There might be a problem if someone sees you. Uncle! I am leaving. Hey! Go in the morning.Go and sleep now..

All of you! Go to sleep. Hey. Get ready fast. We have to go. We have to leave before uncle gets up. The bathroom isn’t here. It is upstairs.Go. ‘I have to do somethingand plan to stay here.’ ‘But, how?’ ‘Yes! How can he goif he doesn’t find the car keys?’ ‘Oh, no! He came.’.

‘Shit…’ ‘Oh, no! The door is locked.’ ‘What should I do now?’ ‘He is coming.’ Everyone is coming. You say so but you will not come. Uncle! Get out. Uncle is coming. That’s not my problem..

Then, the Vizag programme will be cancelled. No! No. No. No. My purse is in the cupboard. Get it. Hmm. Hello. Listen, carpenter. My room’s door has an issue..

Come and check it once. Relatives are coming. Okay? What happened, dear? How did you come here? Oh! Tej will you take you away. That is why you are hiding here, right? No problem. I will convince him. Are you also here? Hey! Are you talking to the cupboard? Nothing. I am unable to find it..

You go. I will search for it and get it. Okay. I will wait downstairs. Hey! Come out. Aunt… How can you do it? Aunt. Shut up. You should do everything after marriage. Okay, aunt. Hey! What’s happening?.

I will say that after the wedding. Give me your hand. It is not needed. Uncle. It is hot. That’s your friend, right? Why is she climbing the wall? I will go and see, uncle. Nandini. Yeah..

What are you doing here? Hey! Come fast. Hey! Uncle saw you. You go.She will come later. Yeah. Okay… Send her to the temple. Okay… Nothing, uncle. She got scared to see you. Scared of me? Why, dear? Mr. Vishwanath!.

Yeah. I am coming. I parked the car here.Where is it? How did it reach there? Hey, you! Your uncle abandonedyou from the house that day. That is why we remained silent. You come back here and roam around happily. How long have you been doing this? Nothing like that, Ajay. Hey! Call his uncle.- Ajay! Listen to me. Let it be. I am going..

Don’t call my uncle. I will do whatever you ask me to. Please. What will you do? Tej. Nandini. Go away from here. Tej! Hey. I don’t have any connection with that girl. Please. Don’t harm her..

I can understand your relation with herby the way your emotion comes out. Anyway! I loved your sister sincemy childhood. You took her away and got her marriedto someone else. You didn’t care about my feelings.- Ajay! I plead you do not harm her. Hey! Bring her here. Hey! No! Let him go. Please… Please leave him.- Nandini! You go away from here..

We let him go that day becausewe gave respect to your words. But, see what has happened. Today, he came to your housewithout obeying your words. Also, he hit my son. What will you do now? Uncle isn’t responsible forwhat has happened. He doesn’t know that I came home. Don’t punish him for my mistake. Stop it. Why does he try to kill mewhile I am still alive?.

Anyway! Why am I talking to you about it? In fact, all of you together deceived me. Listen! It is my mistake. Tell me. Whose feet should I hold? There is no need for you to holdanyone’s feet, uncle. - I am sorry. Dad.- Stop right there. You dishonest person!Why did you come here again? Both of you are the reason for this fight. I will…- Listen! You can say anything to me..

But, don’t say anything to brother.- Damn! Shut your mouth. Swetha! Sorry, brother. Don’t stop me. Uncle! Do you know what actuallyhappened that night? I fell in love with a guy named Aditya. That day, all of you fell asleep. ‘I went away with Adityawho was waiting for me, uncle.’ Go fast. Please go fast. Hey! That’s your brother. Brother..

Brother.- Sir…Please. How dare you to run away with my sister! Listen!- I asked him to come, brother. Hey! Shut up. How can you make such decision? Are you that old enough? Huh? I love him more than my life, brother. You should say that earlierif that is the case. They will not agree.- So? Will you dare to do this? Haven’t you thought about mom, dad, uncleand aunt?.

They will die. What should we say to Ajaywho loved you since childhood? How can you be so selfish? Swetha! Let us go away from here.- Hey! Where will you go? Brother…Stop.- How can you leave after seeing me? I love her.- Brother…Stop it. Will you take her away? Huh? You should convince her familyif you really love her. How you run away with her.- I love her. Try to understand. Swetha.- Swetha! Stop..

Swetha! Stop. Swetha! What are you doing?- Swetha. What are you doing? How will uncle feel if he knows about it? What happened?- What’s the matter? What happened that made you do so? Tell me at least now, Swetha. I am pregnant, brother. Hey..

Get up. Be happy always. ‘I was the one who did a mistake.’ But, Tej bro put him at fault to hidemy mistake, uncle. A lot has happened today. But,he will not say that it is my mistake. That is how my brother is. Why didn’t you tell me about it? Not an issue, aunt. What is all this? Uncle..

What happened? Listen. What happened to you? Sorry, dear. What for? Forget it, uncle. Dad. Brother! Forgive me, brother. Hey! Go away from here. ♪Charm…♪ ♪This is your charm♪.

♪Charm…♪ ♪This is your charm…♪ ♪Hello, Sheila! Do some actionLook into my eyes♪ ♪Let’s go for a lovely play♪ ♪This is it…This is happinessThe series of your lovely gazes♪ ♪See how I’m relieved from this calmness♪ ♪You should never feel shy before me♪ ♪Just give me a kiss♪ ♪Regardless of anyone comingRegardless of anyone♪ ♪Hello, Sheila! Do some actionLook into my eyes♪.

♪Let’s go for a lovely play♪ ♪Go…Go! Keep going♪ ♪Impress me again♪ ♪I will then think about you this time♪ ♪Don’t be so naughty♪ ♪Come into my arms♪ ♪Come and then listen to my story♪ ♪Hello!♪ ♪Jas…Jas…JasmineI am a Jasmine♪ ♪Come out of the dream as soon as possible♪.

♪Come…come dearCome and listen up my intentions♪ ♪O’ my friend…O’ my friend…Listen to my heart♪ ♪Listen…Listen…♪ ♪Hello, Sheila! Do some action♪ ♪Look into my eyes♪ ♪Let’s go for a lovely play♪ ♪Go…Go by the path♪ ♪Where have you come from?♪ ♪I might be your dream girl♪ ♪Just give me your approval♪.

♪Then you’ll know who you are♪ ♪You will know the relationbetween you and me♪ ♪Don’t…Don’t hang onDo not hang on to me♪ ♪Break…Break it out♪ ♪Mend your heartI am not yours♪ ♪Don’t let me do all this♪ ♪O’ my sweety…my lovely friendWhat will say now?♪ ♪Come…Come…♪ ♪Hello, Sheila! Do some actionLook into my eyes♪ ♪Let’s go for a lovely play♪.

♪This is it…This is happinessThe series of your lovely gazes♪ ♪See how I’m relieved from this calmness♪ ‘Goddess! I don’t know about him earlier.’ ‘That is why I prayed to send himaway from me.’ ‘Cancel my prayer, O’ Goddess.’ ‘I want to stay here.’ ‘I want him.’ ‘Please fulfill my wish.’ Thank you. Bye..

Bye. Come, dear. We are waiting for you. What happened, uncle? Hey! You came here to find the guywho saved your mother, right? Yes, uncle. How do you know? I just came to know that. Mr. Murthy! Nandini is here. I heard that Mr. Murthy came early from UK..

So, I went and met him in Vizag. Dear! I got to know that this is the houseof that boy. Later, I got to know that you are here. I know everything, dear. The one who saved your mom andwent to the prison is none other than… Tej! What are you saying, sir? Yes, dear. My son saved your mom. Tej..

My mom said about you… Mr. Gangadhar told you everything, right? Your mom thought about me before she died. Your mom is very great, Nandini. I hurt you a lot knowingly or unknowingly. I am sorry. Tej! Come with me. What happened, uncle? Just come. Hey..

Tej!- Did Nandini come? Oh! Hey…Sssh… Why did you bring him alone? Why didn’t you ask him? Yeah. I should’ve asked.- Uncle! What is happening? Nothing, dear. Everyone told me. That you are in love with that girl. I will talk to Nandini. Okay?- No, uncle..

What happened? Why do you refuse? It is true that I love Nandu. But, that is my bad luck. She met with an accident beforeknowing her feeling. She forgot everything. But, I still tried to gain her love. In that process, I turned out to be a fraud. It is not right to force her to love me. No, uncle. Let it be..

Listen, Tej. Everything is good. Why are you talking like that? Yeah. Nandini will accept you if you ask her now. Yeah! She might agree. She might get ready to risk her life for me. But, that won’t be love. It would be more like a favor, uncle. Let it be..

It is not like that, dear. You used to say this during my childhood. We should expect them to be happywhen we help someone. But, never expect a favor. You might tell her aboutmy love and she might agree. It would be selfishness. Love should come out from heart. It shouldn’t be the reaction ofhelping someone. ‘I fell in love with youbefore knowing this.’ Brother! What are you saying?.

What if she fell in love before knowing this? It is not like that. She prayed when we came here. That we should depart. It is better to do that. Please, brother. Please give it a try… Please. I will not accepteven if Nandu says so. Tej. Tej..

Good that everyone is here. Tej! I have a flight this evening. Dad would wait for me at the airport. I will leave. Greetings, aunty. Wait for a minute, dear. He will drop you to the airport. Go. You’ve got flight in the evening. Wait for a while.Have food and then you can leave..

Come. Let’s go, dear. Tej! Think about it just once. Listen to me. Tej! Let’s go. Bye. Bye.- Bye. Come, dear. Did your programme go well? Hmm..

Take this, dad. What is this, dear? You came to India for this, right? Tej who came with me is theone who saved mom. But, he denied taking the property. Hi, Nandini. Did you propose Tej? No, sir. But, who are you?.

What is this? You came to my college to meet him. Did you forget? Yes, sir. I forgot everything. The reason for coming here… Everything that happened after that… I forgot everything. Oh! Is it? Don’t worry, dear..

I will tell you what happened that day. You came to proposeTej while he was writing his exam. You asked me to give a letter to Tej. I thought that it was a chit and tore it. You became sad and left. Who are you? Dad! Just one minute. The final boarding announcement is made.We have to go. Sorry, sir. My luck is bad..

Tej will not accept even if I say it now. Thank you so much, sir. Wait, dear. You came back again that day. Yes. You came back again that day. Sir. What is it now? Sir! Will you give this pen to Tej? But, he brought a pen. This isn’t a pen to write..

Then, what? One minute. Hey! Write your exam later. Come out first. I love you. Love you. Give this to Tej. He will understand. Tej. Who is Tej?.

Tej. Tej! Who is Tej? Tej? Tej wasn’t in the class. You left. I tried to find either of you togive this pen. Take it. This is your pen. Thank you, sir. Nandini dear..

Sir. Wait… Tej! This pen? Professor gave it to me. You were writing your exam and I came there. Did you come? Hmm. Hey. Write your exam later..

Come out first. I love you. Love you. Love you. I loved you back then, Tej. I didn’t have anything otherthan this to say that to you. I love you. I love you, Tej.


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