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Minecraft 2 actually came out 4 years ago.. Let's see what it had..
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Was there ever a minecraft - hmm Minecraft 2.0 they actually did release a 2.0 no way and you can still download it yo let's do this well hello there Minecraft 2.0 how are you doing so um yeah minecraft 2 actually does exist because at the minute we're on minecraft 1.1 1.2 which obviously is a little bit away from Minecraft 2.0 they do actually release a version of it it was an April.

Fool's joke but apparently inside this version of Minecraft which I've never played before because it came out like four years ago now apparently there's a lot of really cool stuff in here like really really weird minecraft stuff so let's play this single-player create new world that's cool it lalalalalalala yeah it's going creative and spawn into a new world and we're gonna try some of these.

Brands new features right wait what what what this happens what is going on why is that oh okay okay what is happening here there was like lightning everywhere and there's all these guys wait a second it's lagging so bad what just happened look all these like monsters and stuff some of them have wool on the head some of them are well powered creepers because of all the lightning and now.

They're gone what is happening here okay let's get to safety that was up oh no no it's gonna burn down the whole rain forest oh geez okay right let's get some features new blocks let's do that first a slab of TNT yeah a slab of TNT but this just ain't any normal TNT slab let's see what happens oh it's kind of turning into one what's.

Gonna oh this is boarded TNT on me oh that's getting really out of hands oh we need to back up a little bit further yeah this isn't this isn't good it wasn't me it wasn't me as a natural disaster quick run to sprint oh I'm in big trouble I'm in really big trouble huh my goodness why does this keep happening to me what is going on I've got the.

Blindness and oh man yeah yeah this is gonna happen every time isn't it I don't like this I don't like this at all right could we get can we get rid of all you please let's put it on peaceful there we go get out of here I'm busy oesn't say this get the life out of me I want to try four of these at once there we go let's do that and see what happens when it's born four anvils we're out it.

Does oh no it doesn't it just like threw this one far away okay that's weird so if I am in game-mode 0 and put one of these down does it just kill me let's see what happens hands off and yeah okay squished I think the fire stopped the fires actually stopped yes there's arrows everywhere are there's a little bit of fire over there but it's a lot better.

Than before so they also have a new torches as well they burn out after a certain amount of time so for example if you put this down and then hit it with a flint and steel it will eventually burn out which is really really annoying because then it goes dark and then creepers can invade your home it's it's it's so trollee and you could only relight them with a flint and steel just.

Waiting for this bad boy to go out oh no no no I got your peaceful don't do that again let's see how many of these go out and how quickly because they go out a different amount of time oh look that one went out did you see that no one definitely went out okay they're all alight what is going to happen this particle effect in my face is really annoying.

Oh there we go look it's gone it's gone oh that's so annoying minecraft 2 is a massive troll ah some grassland this will be perfect because we want some new animals and mobs to discover the first one is apparently a special type of chicken so if I keep spawning in chickens hopefully it will happen it's meant to be really really rare but I'm here we go let's see if we can find a.

Special chicken that is oh there it is look hey buddy how's it going no we just need to wait because this guy is very very special indeed this is a diamond chicken I kid you not this is a diamond chicken it also lays lapis and diamonds instead of eggs which is crazy I'm gonna follow you buddy I'm gonna follow you until you poop out of diamonds and it's gonna be.

Great you hear me it's gonna be great do it poop out the diamonds please ah no you killed my diamond chicken I don't like this version of Minecraft I don't like it minecraft too should never happen now I have to find another one there it is there it is right let's try and find more than one and see if we can spot one.

Laying a diamond it's gonna be there as wide okay we've got one two three we need to keep an eye on these punks because I want to see them lay some eggs as you know I want to see them lay some diamonds there's no good looking at me guys poop out the diamonds just do it people out the diamonds or lapis I'll even be happy with lapis as long as it's not egg don't.

You walk away from me just stare another chicken's butt waiting for a diamond to pop out that's gonna hurt actually where are the diamond chickens gone where are they what do you what did you do with them I think we may have just lost them in a thunderstorm these thunderstorms are so annoying right let's move on to another animal let's move on to the horse and pony now these.

Aren't the horses and ponies that you and I are used to no these are completely different look check this out it's literally a reskin the cow that looks super Tuppy and then the pig can also change into a pony I mean what is going on these normally spawn as wait wait wasn't all pigs there they are these can spawn is normal pigs but they can also spawn as little ponies.

Same with the cows there you go look a weird little family do they do anything different barren you can ride them but I can't seem to get it to work you can saddle this but I can't saddle that oh I can settle this well no oh no why does this keep happening to me and now it's raining now it's dark at least I can ride this guy right it exhaustive yeah look at him another feature which is.

Probably my favorite is this here comes a sheep here is the wheat it's so very much desires and when we feed it it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and keeps on going and it explodes and this happens with that with moose roll you look different happens with mushrooms as well here we go explode there we go and also cows and.

Pigs as well here we go look at this fat little pig explode and apparently if you use a golden apple on a sheep it flies see you later buddy eh um oh no okay uh can you come down now mr. sheep and you're gonna come down now no uh oh dear he's a goner I've had a better idea right this grab all these sheep let's grab all of these golden apples and be gone little sheep.

It doesn't work on the little ones it does work or the little ones look at this oh this is amazing now this should be a Minecraft feature so if you keep all the animals just one before they explodes then oh pretty funny I mean how awesome does that look at what is going on where are these fires coming from right what else can we do here guys I kid you not this block just talked to me.

I hits it and it talked to me look watch this I told you look it has speech bubbles what happens if I keep on punching is it just gonna carry on carry on speaking hello is that is there someone in there look did I do bad what is going on can other things speak as well can you speak little man excuse me can you can you speak no why can't you speak back block of coal can speak so.

Why can't you this is so weird what else do you say and what if I put loads of you down here and by the way this is also another block that isn't in Minecraft at the minute block of coal well it's not the same anyway stars this one talks let's see if we can get these all to talk look punch him punch them all that weis I keep happening there we go look I like you thank you.

Little block thank you let's just keep punching all these guys and see what happens kaboom no you're not a TNT you're a mere little coal block can you anyone else want to want to pipe up and say something huh I hate this rain what do you think about the rain huh no one else want to say anything fine I'll move on okay so we need to do this next one.

Quick just in case we die but apparently chickens will attack you if you look at them and they'll call him reinforcements if you attack them so let's look one square in the eye hey buddy ow oh it worked it worked right let's see what happens if we arm if we hit them I hate you what why did you say that look they're literally coming to attack me oh my goose this is working.

This is actually working this is thereit's look and all the new ones that we're definitely gonna die we're dead we're dead we're so dead as we get chickens that's where you get the peacefulness of the forest a couple of those chickens actually attacked hilarious - more random things before we leave Minecraft 2.0 forever because it's not been a fun experience apart from.

Apart from the animals there is this guy called the flopper so if you put stuff into the flopper and then you turn it on and off it will turn everything you own or drop out of the dropper into fish oh no go away yeah iron ore goes in fish come outs no junk it turns everything into fish and then finally apparently furnaces now have the random chance to explode so.

Let's put coal in there I need more coal but apparently they can overheat I don't know how true it is but apparently they can explode grab some more coal and try this out let's put some more in there there's put loads of iron in there and see which one of these chooses to explode I don't know how often it happens but we're gonna give it a go now we wait we wait and turn everything we.

Own into fish wait those are fish anyway so which one of you wants to bet which furnace is gonna explode first huh which one of you oh man okay okay ah that scared me that really scared me every time but look there's smoking really really badly I'm worried frankly I'm worried one of these is gonna explode it happens it actually happened this one's gonna go next look keep.

Watching very very carefully this furnace is gonna explode come on come on I'm watching you Oh happened oh that's awesome that's so crazy so if you use it long enough it just explodes in your face that is crazy my favorite feature still has to be this one look a fat little sheep zooming off into the distance with their tiny little children off they go YouTube buddy.

See you later guys see you later that is amazing so guys minecraft too exists and it is pretty dang crazy and I think it's hilarious I don't know about you but if you enjoyed this video and exploring Minecraft 2.0 then please leave a big fat thumbs up on this video that'd be greatly appreciated and if it happens to be the first when you see mommy please do consider subscribing to join Team CD.

Ends day for daily gameplay videos apart from that guys thank you again so much watching awhile you check out another brand you might video right whoa nothing crazy but check out another video right here know be awesome



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