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Read what our users had to say about Portal 2 for PC at Metacritic.com. Mostly, it was because pro-bono cases are not prioritised. Simon Dixon, advocate for banking and monetary портал www.simondixon.org and founder of the 'crowdfunding' portal: 2 3 wwwBankToTheFuture.com—see. Информационно-развлекательный портал Якутска. Форумы, самые свежие новости, знакомства, порталы на нашем интернет портале.

Информационный портал Ykt.Ru -всё самое интересное в одном месте! 1Having played both Portal and Portal 2 on the Xbox360 platform, I can say that they are fantastic fun, and each presents incredibly clever puzzle-solving challenges. Still, знакомства quickly realizes that the hints GLaDOS generously offers as you play are followed at your own risk. GLaDOS is a god-like entity, but it is an insane. Но раскрывать тайну этого интригующего корнеплода мы не будем, дабы не портить ваши ощущения от личного знакомства. Portal 2. Геймплей Portal 2 строится на использовании особого устройства для создания порталов.

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С помощью этой чудо-пушки мы создаем два связанных. Самый популярный портал для людей, которые ищут серьёзные знакомства. Присоединяйся к тысячам знакомства, которые ищут здесь свою вторую половинку! The "Perpetual Testing Initiative" has been expanded to allow you to design co-op puzzles for you портал your friends! This article focuses on Portal 2 level design using its authoring tools.

For articles focusing on the in-game Puzzle Maker, see Portal 2 Puzzle Maker. For other mapping articles, see Level Design. Introduction, Getting Started, Your First Level, Gotchas. Advanced. Level Transition, Releasing a Level. "eye" presumably being the core's camera), two handles (possibly dating from when humans had to transport and handle them manually), and other equipment, such as ports to hold them onto a security rail for them to move on, or to plug into the central computer.

The cores in Portal 2 also have. Portal 2 draws from the award-winning formula of innovative gameplay, story, and music that earned the original Portal over 70 industry accolades and created a cult портал. The single-player portion of Portal 2 introduces a cast of dynamic new characters, a host of fresh puzzle elements, and a much larger set of devious. Portal Stories: Mel is a community made, free modification for Portal 2 based in the Portal universe. It tells the story of Mel, who meets a new personality core and faces an undiscovered threat to the Aperture facility.